Accounting is extremely important for recording the financial transactions of business for management and decision-making in any organization. The main object of Accounting is to record financial transactions systematically in the books of accounts and to find out the profit-loss and financial position of a business.

TEZ ERP® helps you manage your invoicing, sales, purchases, inventory, petty cash, taxation and more. With its multi-location, multi-company integration your accounting was never as easy as TEZ ERP®.

At TEZ ERP®, we have considered every aspect of business management and have simplified the solutions just for you. It provides you much more than any traditional accounting system. Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard gives you financial information of all entities at various locations in real time. For die-hard Excel loyalist, we have options to download reports in Excel compatible formats.

Our UI (User Interface) is so friendly that we have taken into consideration end-users with basic knowledge of computer operation or accounts. We have made it simple to record, organize, maintain records, and analyze data captured at multiple touch points.

At TEZ ERP® we think beyond accounting for compliance and help you to grow your business by automating routine tasks.


Features of Tez ERP:

Multi-Company: If you are operating your business in more-than one name, it is always a challenge to know overall position. With TEZ ERP®, when a ledger is created or updated in one entity, it is automatically updated in all sister-concerns. You can see the total business done and outstanding amount of any customer / vendor, for all business entities or any specific entity. Profit & Loss statement, Balance sheet or any other statement can be generated without worrying about ledger mismatch and without merging data.

Multi-Branch: For businesses operating from multiple locations, having factory and HO at different locations or chain of retail stores, it is always difficult to collect information at source, synchronize data and get real-time reports. TEZ ERP® is a cloud-based software, which can be simultaneously used from multiple locations and data can be captured, analyzed and reported in real-time. This eliminated the need to merge or synchronize data and helps you take informed decisions with real-time data captured at source.

Accounting: Account Head and group masters, separate registers to record your purchases, sales, receipts, payments, Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Expense Register, Contra entries and JV (Journal Entries).

Recurring Vouchers: You can create templates for tasks that are repeated often, like recurring invoices, expenses, payments etc. Ex. Invoice for retainership or AMC, payment of rent etc. System will automatically alert you when the task becomes due and corresponding voucher can be created with a single click.

Document Management: You can attach supporting documents such as purchase bill or expense voucher to every transaction. This helps you quickly retrieve documents from any location without having to search through files.

Inventory: Inventory group and masters with registers to record items purchased, sold, goods returned Inward, goods returned outward, delivery challans, stock transfer between branches, location wise stock, serial number tracking, physical stock tallying, closing stock and much more.

Stock Query: Quickly get details of recent purchase / sale transactions, stock at various locations, serial numbers in stock, entity-wise stock, orders in hand, indents requested, Orders in transit etc. for any item, with a single click, directly from voucher entry screen such as purchase, sale, orders etc.

Threshold Management: Every inventory item can have optimal stocking level (Reorder level / Minimum stock level / safety stock), meant to ensure you don't run out of inventory. TEZ ERP® can generate reports for items which are below minimum stock level and send automated SMS and Email alerts to branch managers and management.

Bar Codes / POS: Customized Bar-codes can easily be generated from the software and can be used with bar-code readers for invoicing at retail counters. This can also be used for tracking serial numbers and matching physical inventory.

Production: Bill of Material for standard consumption and production register for manufacturers with consumption analysis and tracking. Production can support multiple products. It automatically computes consumption based on BOM and allows user to specify actual consumption, along with the reason of variation.

TDS: Section-wise TDS definition in masters, purchase and sale bills, automatic deduction (Automatic JV) from Receipts & Payments, predefined ledgers for TDS Receivable and TDS Payable help you easily monitor TDS entries.

GST: TEZ ERP® is fully compatible with latest Goods and Services Tax (GST). It can directly generate E-Way bills, GSTR-3B, GSTR-1 and also match GSTR-2A. Inbuilt validation of GST numbers and automatic calculation of SGST, CGST and IGST based on location helps you minimize errors.

Order Processing: With TEZ ERP® you can monitor all sales order created by your sales team, analyze items to be purchased based on orders-in-hand. You could quickly raise PO and Sales Invoices based on Sales Orders and analyze orders which can be fulfilled based on stocks available.

Proforma Invoices: Service providers can generate proforma invoices and easily convert them to Sales Order or Sales Invoice. You could track pending Proforma Invoices and close them if required. If you integrate Payment Gateway with TEZ ERP®, customers could directly make payments against proforma invoices using their debit or credit cards, net-banking or wallets and system could automatically generate sales invoice and payment receipt on successful payment.

Bank-reconciliation: BRS is used for matching your balance as per accounts with actual bank balance, to account for cheques in clearing. TEZ ERP® allows you to quickly reconcile with a single click per transaction and automated date entry. You can also upload your bank statement in Excel or CSV format and quickly match existing entries or create new entries with minimum effort.

Finalisation: TEZ ERP® is a complete accounting software which has built-in closing stock reports with valuation based on last price, average price, LIFO, FIFO methods or manual valuation. Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement can be easily generated. All statements support drill down to ledger and voucher level. Statements can be generated in Horizontal or Vertical formats using HTML, PDF, Excel outputs and can be modified based on account groups.

Agent/Broker/Sales Executive Tracking: You can specify the agent or sales executive for each Sales Order and Invoice and computer their performance with graphs and reports. This also helps you easily calculate commissions and incentives.

BI Dashboard: Dashboards enables you to monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time and on the go. You can visualize and analyze data and focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from across the organization on a dashboard, helping you gain valuable insight and drive quick and accurate decision making.

Business Analytics: In today's competitive world, businessmen need to take timely decisions based on various parameters. Using traditional methods, it is difficult to get real-time data for informed decision making. TEZ ERP® is a cloud based software which helps you capture data at source and lets you analyze data with built-in analytics. You could easily generate real-time graphs and statistics for location-wise sales, agent/executive-wise sale, identify top-selling products and services, identify top customers, customer trends, product trends and much more.

SMS/Email Alerts: You can configure system to send automated SMS/Email alerts to Customers, Vendors, Executives, Branch Managers and Management - when Purchase/Sale invoice or Receipt / Payment vouchers are created. You can also send payment link with sales invoice, proforma invoice and sales order for automating collections.

MIS Alerts: TEZ ERP® keeps you informed about key-parameters of your business even when you are not present in your office. You could set-up automated SMS and Email alerts for daily sales, daily collection, items below minimum stock level etc. You can also enable transaction alerts for orders booked, invoices generated, receipts, payments, expenses etc.

Business Automation: TEZ ERP® helps you automate routine tasks, so you can focus on your core activities. You could automate SMS and Email alerts for birthdays, anniversaries, Post-dated-cheques, bills due, orders, invoices, receipts etc. You could also automate creation of invoices or receipts when payments are received.

Aging Analysis: Analyze outstanding receivable and payable amounts by age (30-60-90 / ABC analysis) using configurable reports, so you can focus on critical tasks.

Receivable Management: With TEZ ERP® you can send automated alerts when proforma invoice, sales order or sales invoice is created. These alerts could contain a link of your payment gateway, and when your customer makes a successful payment using the payment gateway, system automatically creates corresponding receipt and invoice. A copy of receipt is automatically mailed to the customer. If the payment is not received within stipulated time, automated reminders are sent to the customer, simplifying the entire process of communication, follow-up, collection and accounting.


  • Accessible, Cloud Based, Mobile Responsive: Access your data 24X7 from anywhere, using your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile.
  • Not Just Accounting, Complete Business Automation: Think Beyond Accounting only for Compliance. Grow your business by Automating Routine Tasks.
  • Get Business In-Sights with Analytics: Data Analytics provide business intelligence to help your decision making.
  • Automate communication with SMS and E-Mail Alerts: Define rules and send automated SMS/Email alerts to your customers and vendors.
  • Stay Updated with MIS Alerts: Automated SMS & Email-Alerts to monitor key performance indexes (KPI of your Business).
  • Peace of Mind with High Level of Security: Advanced Role-based security to provide restricted access to selected users.
  • Save Time, Fast & Collaborative: Reduce Workload by quickly capturing data at source and managing authorization workflow.
  • Save Paper-Go Green With Document Management: Attach Documents (PDF/JPG) to each voucher and access it from anywhere.
  • Put Your Business on Auto-Pilot Mode: Cloud Based Solutions To Manage Accounts, Inventory, Taxation, communication, Time Management and analytics.


One of our Mumbai based client, who also runs a sole proprietor business, had to reach Pune for a business meeting. His business is semi-retail and transactions happen at his place of business that doubles up for his office and point of sale. He is supported by his father who is not tech savvy. With TEZ ERP® he could simply log into our cloud based software and generate invoices while sitting in his car. His father did not have to worry about technology glitches and he could close the sales in real time while his son was processing the invoices during his travel. Our client was happy to credit TEZ ERP®. With the mobile responsive feature of TEZ ERP®, business continued without waiting for him.


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