Transferring your data from existing software to Tez ERP

Data migration involves exporting masters and transactions from your existing software into formats supported by TEZ ERP® and then importing these files into TEZ ERP®. If you encounter errors during import, you might be required to make corrections in source data or exported files, delete data from TEZ ERP® and import again. This task can be time-consuming and prone to errors. After importing successfully, you will need to verify your data by checking P&L, Balance Sheet, Closing Stocks, Outstanding statements and vouchers.


The quick and easy way is to decide on a cut-off date and pass a journal entry for opening balances and a stock adjustment entry for opening stocks. This ensures that you get started on the new-system without any loss of work. You still need to transfer account heads and material master using excel sheets, but this is much simpler than transferring complete data.

This is similar to what most people do for finalizing accounts of any financial year. You can continue to work on the old system for any changes to be made in old accounts and simply update the opening balance/stock entry to reflect these changes in the new account.


Another way is to export masters and transaction to excel sheets, copy paste into pre-defined templates and upload into TEZ ERP® software. This reduces chances of errors as you are able to verify your data in excel sheets before importing. However, copying data into templates can be time-consuming and is prone to human-error.


You could also export data into XML files from Tally and other similar software which support this data format. You can then import the XML files directly to TEZ ERP®. Though this sounds simple, in practice this can be very time-consuming and prone to errors. XML files are created based on how you have entered the transactions. Customized fields and additional information entered by you may not be exported to XML files or read by TEZ ERP®. Certain transactions might not be compatible with TEZ ERP® and you may need to verify your data after importing and make corrections manually.

We do not recommend data-migration using XML files if you have any customizations done to your software, you have customized voucher types or you have entered data in any-way which is not compatible with TEZ ERP®.


Our standard support for data-migration is limited to guiding your team on steps to be taken for exporting and importing data. We can assist you in data-migration on chargeable basis, wherein we will export data from your existing software (subject to feasibility), import it in TEZ ERP® and verify closing stock and closing balances. Charges start from Rs.25,000/- INR per-instance and may increase based on volume of your data and the effort required for transferring the same.


Buying a software is the first step towards implementation. After purchase, migrating data from existing systems, creating users, defining roles and privileges, creating masters, workflows, rules etc. is important. The complexity of implementing a software differs based on number of users, modules to be implemented, products being used currently, technical knowledge, processes, culture, acceptability etc.

We can help you implement the ERP with help of our implementation partners on chargeable basis. Charges would depend on time and effort required for implementation.



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