Documents and utilities

Company Profile

Company profile of Innovative ERP Solutions Limited (IESL) with details of Directors, Products, Infrastructure, Systems and Policies.


ERP Manual

Reference Manual ver 1.1 covering Order Management, Accounting Transactions, Masters, Security etc.


IESL Remote Support

Customised tool for remote assistance. Using this software tool, you can share your screen with IESL support team and get your problems resovled immediately. Advanced security features ensure that you share only the information you want to share and when you want to share.


API Document (ERP)

API (Application Program Interface) for integrating ERP with 3rd party software.


Letter for Mask

Indemnity Letter to be given on Letter Head for creating new Sender ID / Mask.


ERP Update

Latest version of Tez ERP for users who use it on their own server


SQL Express

SQL Express 2014 with tools



e-Business suite for SME

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