Time is money. Automation makes it more productive

Most service businesses are people reliant. It is a paradox to use human dependency and automation in the same breath, but they co-exist and are interdependent. Automation helps humans to increase their productivity by replacing the monotony of managing simple recurring processes with customized solutions.

Well, let us put this in perspective. A service business that relies heavily on AMCs (Annual Maintenance Contracts) has one more than one contracts assigned to a single Executive. Let us take the example of Air Conditioner maintenance that would include both industrial as well as residential A/C maintenance. One technician serves multiple clients. Now imagine you have 500 contracts and 12 technicians. You have a person assigning tasks to these 12 technicians. If he has to do manually, he would be taking calls and assigning each technician a client to service. Now imagine the sheer volume of managing contracts based on:

  • Different types: Industrial or residential
  • Different locations of service
  • Different types of maintenance: preventive or on-call
  • Different levels of expertise of each technician

Wouldn’t each day be a chaotic one in this organization?

An efficient Helpdesk Management Software (AMC) is the need of the hour in such service organizations such as industries operating in IT, Automobiles, Telecommunications, to name a few. Maintaining every record becomes difficult if it has to be managed in excel-sheets. Follow-ups, AMC Calls, Repair, and Maintenance Alerts would be a challenge when tracked down using spreadsheets. Not that Excel sheet operators are not efficient, but the sheer volume of work exposes it to high margin of errors. In certain cases, duplication of data could also happen.

An effective helpdesk Management System helps to Streamline all the activities related AMC and Repairs and Maintenance.

In the TEZ ERP® Helpdesk Management Module, you can get the above features with the overall executive management. This is how it works:

  • When a ticket is generated in our system, it automatically assigns one ticket to one executive. This avoids duplication means one maintenance call is not attached to two technicians. Saves time and ambiguity. Right?
  • When the ticket is attached to the executive, he can have view all the cards under his name on the dashboard along with its status, which is specific to his role in the process. No other technician can view the other’s dashboard unless logged in in that particular name. Our role-based security in the system defines who can access what.
  • However, a particular manager who is the higher hierarchy than the executives can have a consolidated view of all the tickets assigned to the executives with every detail about the tickets assigned.
  • The technician needs to close down the tickets with the regular follow-ups and by visiting the field if and when the problem arises.
  • If the tickets are pending for a more extended period, the escalation level in our AMC software automatically sends alerts to the above officials through Management Information System.
  • There are three levels of escalation L1, L2, and L3 in the software which enables the executives and the management to have precision in their work. No customer complaints or renewals are ignored or skipped. Customer retention is equally important as for scouting for the new ones.

To keep improving services and tracking customer satisfaction, our AMC software has the CUSTOMER FEEDBACK option after the completion and closing of the ticket. Such feedback helps in evaluating the performance of the technician assigned to that ticket. Based on customer reviews, the management can also evaluate the quality of service provided by the company and even the performance of the executive. The ‘Feedback’ feature in our software helps in providing insights for the distribution of incentives or corrective actions depending upon the performance of the technician.

A Helpdesk Management system calculates the return on investment on the executives hired. It gives you a detailed analysis on time management of the technician/executive by measuring the number of tickets closed in a day, week or month as compared to other employees in the same role in the same period. We have always heard, “What gets measured gets done.” Our software is based on the same principle. The performance evaluation and subsequent rewards or corrective actions help in maintaining discipline and effective executive management especially when yours is a service business.

Well, do not think further. Our AMC management software is a tool that can be used on its own but if integrated with our popular accounting software – TEZ ERP® then you have a complete business management support that can run your business on auto-pilot mode. Call us now to know more.



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