Helpdesk (or service desk) is the gateway to your company’s service promise,
values, and customer service standards. Automation helps

If you are into a service business or a business that is run by addressing several customer queries in a day, your most crucial success parameter is efficient helpdesk management.

Do you remember the days when all calls were routed to a ‘Receptionist’ or a ‘Customer Service teleoperator’? This person would then be responsible for transferring the calls to relevant departments who would then act upon it by assigning roles to the competent staff. Well, imagine the time taken for one customer complaint to act upon the query. And imagine the loss of business if the query was not addressed efficiently.

With time, many companies have upgraded themselves with new technology to serve their customers as fast as possible, and this includes automated helpdesks. These services are also outsourced to BPOs who use helpdesk management software to ensure the highest level of service for the company or business they are representing.

A Helpdesk or service desk is a one-stop point of contact which provides centralized information and support management service to handle a company’s internal or external queries. A helpdesk software solution enables the companies to resolve customer grievances faster and efficiently by merely automating complaint resolution process with a ticket management system. Delight your customers by ensuring their problems are solved firsthand

Automation is dominating the world, and business workflows are being designed to run on an auto-pilot mode. Tackling customer issues and resolving their tickets efficiently and effectively needs a productive workforce as well as appropriate tools to empower them. Streamline your helpdesk with automation that works around the clock, to make sure that your support process is as smooth as possible.

Let us tell you how Automation can ease in Helpdesk Management:

  1. Automation of repetitive tasks: In Tez ERP’s Help Desk management module, you can automate the routine tasks in your helpdesk such as setting priorities, following up on tickets and other operational functions that help you run your support services. This helps your team to utilize their time better, and create the perfect support experience for customers.
  2. Dynamic ticket routing and escalation: We've all seen those tickets where a timely response couldn't go out for the reasons unknown. For managers, it's essential that such unattended tickets be brought to their attention immediately past due time. Our MIS alerts feature sends out an alert to the next in hierarchy and ensures that timely action is carried out. The automation helps to escalate the issue to the next level of management. In our software, three levels of escalation are provided say L1, L2, L3. This helps in effective Lead Management and reduces the chances of losing a potential customer.
  3. Strengthen Communication: Our software ensures that you don’t overlook the little tasks – like sending contract details and address to the executive when a ticket is assigned to him and sending details of the executive to the customer, that are vital to the smooth operation of your helpdesk. Also, our automated messaging system keeps the customers informed by sending out timely updates about the status of their complaint.
  4. Analytics: Analysing Turn-Around-Time (TAT) for each problem category, each executive, identifying tickets which are recurring in nature, identifying tickets which have taken more than expected time or number of visits for solving a problem help you improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Everything mentioned above is an integral part of the best Helpdesk Management Software. A manual follow-up and feedback process is not only a time-consuming process, but also underutilization of human and financial resources to its full potential. Automation of routine and repetitive tasks helps the resources to prioritize their time on areas that need more of their productive time.

If you are facing problems of managing the customer complaints by using the traditional means of tracking and working on time-consuming excel-sheets, then the next thing you should do immediately is give us a call. We will tell you how, with our accounting software Tez ERP’s Helpdesk Module, your Executive’s productive time could be utilized to focus on the significant tasks while the menials jobs such as follow-ups, reminders, and alerts are taken care by the software. Coffee or tea – choice is yours, demo is free from us. Call us now.


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