Tracking your salesforce only means you want to make your business more productive and give more tools for productivity. It is a support function more than trust policing.

Your field salesforce is your eyes, ears, and business ambassadors on-the-go. They build your sales while you work on developing your business. However, you know best when it comes to your business, and because you cannot be physically present with them everywhere, we have built this salesforce tracking tool for you. All this and more in one integrated business management software – TEZ ERP®.

The salesforce is the ultimate link between your business entity and your customers. You have entrusted on them the responsibility of building loyalty and trust with your customers. Actual sales happen when there is personal contact between one human and another based on the type of relationship you make. A salesperson or an executive plays a significant role in increasing the sales of the organization by implementing strategies, carrying out campaigns through CRM, maintaining healthy relationships with the customers, providing better sales services and ensuring that your business grows.

Some of the key attributes to a salesperson’s role would be:

  1. Selling Company Goods, Products, and Services to increase profit and sales
  2. Developing strong relationships with key customers to maintain a high level of service and client loyalty
  3. Presenting the customers with the quotations, payments, agreements, and estimated time of the delivery of products and services
  4. Submitting periodical reports based on the sales or challenges related to sales
  5. Keeping track and staying up-to-date on current market changes and trends
  6. Focusing on increasing sales by reviewing current and potential needs of clients
  7. Resolving issues or complaints promptly
  8. Maintaining a positive business relationship to ensure future sales
  9. Achieving the agreed sales targets and outcomes within the schedule
  10. Having excellent selling, communication, and negotiation skills while dealing with potential customers

With due respects to the salesforce of all businesses, we understand that a salesperson has a lot on his plate and at times takes on more than he can chew. And of course with good intentions of business growth. Having said that, we cannot also rule out the presence of smart jacks who would come up with the smartest of reasons for non-performance. Some of the reasons could be genuine, like meeting not held due to non-availability of the customer at the scheduled time or traffic woes or accidents or situations that we could term as force majeure.

Our salesforce tracking tool is the businessman’s security guard against non-performing resources who could be a drain on the company’s investment in human resources.

So how can you track what is happening on the field?

Our software can do the following:

  • Send reminders to executive for daily appointments and pending follow-ups
  • The salesperson simply has to log in while entering a meeting, report key outcomes of the meeting and logout.
  • GPS tracking feature can capture location of the executive when he checked-in and checked-out of the client location, so you are sure that there is no false reporting
  • With the key performance parameters (KPIs) assigned against the Executive’s role, one can easily measure the productivity of the person


This happened with one of our clients who are into distribution of FMCG products. Most of his business is field salesforce dependant, which means meeting with distributors, modern trade, general trade, and regular stores. Inventory check and order taking happens during these meetings, which means the more productive the meeting, the more the sales orders.

Most of the salesforce’s daily/weekly reporting happened through WhatsApp or SMS messages, and it was difficult to ensure whether the team actually visited the clients or took the orders over the phone, sitting in the comfort of their home. The sales were at a plateau though the number of field force were good. The client was using our business accounting software was quite happy with the ease of operating. However, when he discussed the challenge with us, we trained his back office team and his field team on our salesforce tracking tool, and the same was implemented with immediate effect.

The results changed dramatically within a month of implementation; the reasons being:

  • The salesforce was cautious on the entries in the system and could not manipulate the system
  • The field roster was tracking their meetings and results thereof with the check-in/check-out feature that automatically enabled the GPS location as they had to use either mobile data or wi-fi to enter their details
  • The orders were entered directly in the system through their phones and were sent for execution to the warehousing team

With Sales Automation being implemented in its entirety, results started reflecting a positive growth. The added value was the field force started building new distribution channels which were tracked online, and there was a healthy competition between teams for incentives and promotions.

We have ensured that our salesforce tracking is purely a business tool for analysis and growth and that it helps towards achieving business goals. Does your business have sales teams that are on the field – Let us help you with ethical tracking of their performance.

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