Fortune lies in the follow-up. And over half of the salesforce lose a good prospect for want to follow up on a hot lead.

Following-up with your customers is the most critical and crucial part of any marketing and campaign strategy, which sometimes is overlooked or shelved by many professionals. Therefore, we are here to tell you why it is necessary to follow-up with your existing customers and potential leads.

Here are the significant reasons why follow-up is essential while dealing with potential and existing customers:

  1. Expectations of the Customers can be fulfilled with regular follow-ups; it gives them more reasons to purchase your products/service ensuring customer loyalty
  2. Delivering quality customer service has a significant impact on retention of clients
  3. Follow-ups make a customer feel special, and therefore this increases reliability in the mind of customers
  4. Regular follow-ups always provide the customer with a chance to be heard and engage effectively
  5. Follow-ups can be an excellent source for carrying out the customer surveys which answers the question like “What they want next /or expect?”
  6. Follow-ups are medium for the customers to be in touch with the company, thus enhancing communication
  7. After conducting a marketing campaign, a follow-up call is always mandatory to the people who inquired about the said product/service mentioned in the campaign. You might receive a potential lead!
  8. If introducing new products, existing customers receiving follow-ups are more likely to go for the latest products/service, than the ones without follow-up

Though there are the multiple advantages of follow-ups, it needs to be taken into consideration what kind of process you are executing to retain your customer.

They say “the fortune is in the follow-ups.” In the context of TEZ ERP® CRM Software, the above sentence holds a great deal of power.

Here’s how you can do an efficient follow-up using our software:

  • Whenever you save a lead, you can assign the leads as hot or cold, in the system, after the first interaction.
  • The hot leads hold a great chance to be converted into potential customers. But for that, follow-ups at regular intervals are important. With the help of TEZ ERP®, you can set follow-up dates to have the conversation about the introduction of new product/service they enquired about when the marketing campaign was carried out
  • You can assign an Executive per lead in the system
  • Whenever a follow-up is due, the Executive assigned for the leads gets an sms/email alert for the same, and he can follow-up with the lead within a given time frame
  • Sometimes, the leads (potential customers) ask for a time extension; the reasons can be ranging from being busy or being out of town. It can all be updated in the system, and the date for next follow-up can be set
  • If the Executives ignores or skips the follow-ups for reasons unknown, TEZ ERP® after a specific number of reminders escalates it to the next level of representatives. This ensures that the lead management is carried out effectively and efficiently. ERP supports complete hierarch, so pending issues can be escalated upto three levels
  • Productivity of an executive can also be determined and evaluated based on the same.


We pride in being a new-age software and simplifying the complicated and complex process of business accounting to the benefits of the Business Owners, and with CRM, we have streamlined the entire process from the Lead Management to converting them into a potential client.

One of our clients had to say something about it. With the help effective lead management, he was able to convert a lead into potential client. This was done by regular follow-ups at the given intervals. He was also able to determine the productivity of the executives working on the leads and have a real-time view about the leads and find out why they were not converting into potential clients by monitoring the comments entered by the executives for the cold leads. This process not only made the entire CRM and campaign relevant and fruitful but also contributed to increasing the sales and the profits of the Company to a great extent by reviewing and acting upon the comments which they thought were relevant and essential.

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