A contract is your commitment of service to your customer – a testimony of closed sale

Most AMC businesses run on contracts, whether for a specified period, annual or recurring. In physical form, it is a written document signed between two parties – one offering services and the other receiving the services. The scope of services are well defined and binds both the parties. Service maintenance businesses have physical copies that are stored in files or units, neatly labeled and for the sake of adding fun in writing – these files are the most difficult to trace when you need to refer them at a point of conflict or for renewals.

Well, we have mentioned at every point that our business accounting software was designed taking into account each area of pain in a business man’s journey and hence our Document Management function in our accounting

There are times when you need the documents urgently, and you are not in the office - the office person is not picking up his/her call, you call the next available person - tell him to retrieve the documents and then send it to you. This can be time-consuming and can also lead to delays in projects at times.

Document Management plays a significant role in AMC businesses. Before getting into how our AMC software can help you, let us tell you some typical features of AMC contracts in a service company:

  • AMC Contracts may not be standardized and differ in the scope of work, even for the same industry.
  • AMC may be taken for third-party products, which were not sold by you.
  • Renewal dates may depend on the period of contract and may not be standard
  • Start date of contracts may be different for each AMC
  • Contract rates and values may differ.
  • Contracts may be classified depending upon industry or sector (where a company caters to different sectors)

Managing so many variables on an Excel sheet can be an arduous task and retrieving physical documents from filing systems, even more tedious.

Here’s the good news. Our AMC software does the role reversal for you. You sit back and let the software manage the variables for you, once you enter the contract details in the software designed to ease your pain. The AMC software is your ready reckoner. The margins of error are close to nil unless the data entered had a mistake. This only means that the responsibility of entering the correct data still rests on the executives who enter the data.

If you have standard warranty terms, ERP can automatically pick data directly from your sales invoice, avoiding duplication of work. For any non-standard contract, you have contracts module to capture essence of the contract.

Once you are complete, be assured of the following automation:

  • Renewal dates alert to both parties
  • Preventive Maintenance Alerts
  • Ticketing Management (assigning executives, follow-up, closure)
  • Customer Feedback
  • Expense tracking
  • Escalation matrix for open tickets
  • Closure alert to both parties.
  • Document access at all times.
  • History of maintenance (product purchase, warranty period, preventive, breakdown, or service maintenance) with dates.

With a transparent communication system, you build trust and brand loyalty with your customers.

Our dynamic AMC software maintains all records related to a maintenance contract, in the most organized and efficient structure. And all these benefits are just at the click of a button. Our software also allows you to update the contracts of the AMC of the products other than that of your company.

With alerts on dashboards, executives can prepare well in advance to address any issues that may come in the way of the contract renewal.

Sounds simple, right? We have designed the software to be as simple as possible so that a person with basic education can also operate it with ease. So what are you waiting for? If you are in the business of contracts, a call is due to us right away. We are always excited about giving FREE demos albeit with a rider – we love coffee. 😊 Call us Now.



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