Invest your money in campaigns with high ROI
but before that know which campaigns brought the best results.

Source Management helps you analyze which was the best source of generating leads for your business. It could be anything from email marketing to social media marketing to SEO to Google Ads to trade shows to print ads (why not? You may have to work manually to assess the impact, but it is a source of lead generation too!).

It is all about defining the source. Our integrated software system identifies which source works best for your business. But hold on. Let us say your leads are coming from 5 different sources and you are happy with all five, but you are certainly not running one campaign all year round across all the sources. We are sure you have campaigns you create with different objectives or say various campaigns with one goal, sort of the A/B analysis. And you invest your money into these campaigns with the objective of getting maximum leads. Wouldn’t you like to repeat the campaigns that have worked best for you, giving optimized returns?

Tez ERP’s CRM software does your campaign management for you. It helps you to create, monitor and measure outcomes of your marketing activities across different paid and organic channels. The process and the tasks included in the marketing activities can be automated and streamlined by using campaign management system, a much-needed tool to keep you on the top of your marketing strategies. The frequency of marketing campaigns running everywhere from- print to online and tradeshows campaigns to email and Google Ad-words can make an effective campaign more compelling.

The essential elements of a successful campaign are:

  1. Defining your target: Whether through demographics, geographies, interests, behaviors, consumption patterns, in either B2B or B2C campaigns, a well-defined target audience is your key to success.
  2. Building your contact list: Whether you build your contact list over the years through rage shows or website optimization, or buy them from database vendors, these lists help a lot for remarketing, retargeting or a mailing campaign.
  3. Creating the right content: A well-researched content addressing the needs of your buyer persona is a given as it communicates that you are ready with a solution to your buyer's needs.
  4. Call to Action: Once your campaigns have created the awareness and consideration for your product or service, a call to action is something that persuades them to close the purchase. Be it immediate gratification, value for money or fear of losing, a successful campaign results in more buy-ins leading to more sales for your business.
  5. The Delivery Method: Choosing the right medium to convey your message to the target audience is the most essential and crucial part of a marketing campaign. Different people respond to different types of contact which includes e-mail, Web advertising, social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, and even traditional advertising in your list of options.
  6. Follow-Ups: This is the critical and conclusive part of any marketing campaign. Well, we have integrated this as well for your convenience and time-saving. Refer our segment Follow-Ups (give the link here) to know more about the automated process.

Your marketing team has put in a lot of effort to create great campaigns. Now imagine you have a software that not only monitors the performance of each drive but automates the next actions.

With TEZ ERP®, you can monitor and define your campaigns as soon as it is carried out, assign an executive to each campaign to work on the leads generated from the said campaign. There are times when you need to have a detailed analysis of a particular campaign and its effectiveness. TEZ ERP® provides in-depth reports for the same which includes the leads generated, cost per lead, orders executed, follow-ups by the executives which in turn help the business owners to take key informed decisions regarding the investments in the marketing campaigns and evaluating the performance of the executives based on the target and performances.


When you perform several marketing activities without any integrated system, you could get lost in the source of leads and effectiveness of a campaign.

One of our clients regularly takes tradeshows and business expos. His marketing activities being efficient would yield desirable results. But due to the frequency of participation in the trade shows he would get lost between which lead is generated from which trade show. Being a regular user of our accounting software, TEZ ERP®, we introduced him to our CRM module, and from thereon he was a happy man. He was able to define individual campaigns (name of the trade show he attended) under the source (trade shows). The leads generated from a particular tradeshow would be integrated into the CRM under the assigned campaign, thus providing the effectiveness of carrying out the marketing campaigns. It became easy for him to analyze which trade show was the most effective and which show was not worth his investment. With this analysis, he builds a budget around ‘Fewer, Bigger, Better’ strategy for participation trade shows.

If it's about your investment, invest in the right campaign. We make it simple for you as we know your time is money too. Let’s discuss this over a cup of coffee. Call us now.



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