Executive Management

Customer relationships are nurtured by Executives who have
a heart that feels, a brain that love numbers and some logic to analyze.

What if we say, hire someone with a heart that feels, and we will take care of the numbers and analysis. Our automation helps your Customer Relationship Manager to ignite his passion for creative campaigns while our software keeps collecting all the leads in the funnel.

A CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) or a CRM Executive is someone who knows their customer’s needs. They are in complete knowledge of the value delivered to customers and the problems customers are trying to solve. They work with customer service, marketing departments, and operations jointly to maintain a customer-focused strategy and execute activities that create potential lifetime customers. They also have a strong knowledge of budgeting and forecasting facets in general.

The expectation from a Customer Relationship Manager/Executive would broadly include:
  1. Planning and delivering marketing strategies across the organizations for retaining the existing customers, increasing brand loyalty, and developing the brand image of the company
  2. Ensuring that the customer database is correctly segmented and classified for targeted marketing activities
  3. Collaborating with other departments to ensure that CRM Strategy integrates well with every business process
  4. Developing ‘test strategies’ to ensure the most efficient approach for the organization and its customers
  5. Generating creative ideas, preparing proposals and quotations, overseeing the sales process and sales executives
  6. Reporting the results to the relevant stakeholders in the business

Marketing Campaigns are highly researched, and calculated activities; as such the Executive should possess individual soft skills like:

  1. Ability to meet demanding deadlines
  2. Exceptional time management
  3. Teamwork and Leadership
  4. Strategy Building
  5. Excellent communication & negotiation as he/she has to interact with the clients, employees, and customers
  6. Knowledge of his/her target market well
  7. Creativity to build campaigns that grab the attention of customers and solve their problems
  8. Top Quality Analytical Skills to collate and analyze data for improving the existing strategies
Expectations Set; the right Executive on board; so why Tez ERP?

What if we tell you, CRM automation is like ‘Well Begun is Half Done’!

An exciting digital campaign could bring in leads from online business directories, social media ads, search engine ads, SMS /email campaigns, and various other platforms including E-Commerce.

The CRM Executive can do the following tasks sitting on his desk:

  • Leads from your website and popular portals can be captured at source with Lead Integration
  • Manually enter leads or import through an Excel or CSV file if some portals are not integrated
  • Mark leads as ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’
  • Assign an Executive or Sales Staff per lead
  • Track locations of field staff through GPS tracking and evaluate productivity through the check-in /check-out feature
  • Set follow-up dates and times
  • Set parameters for escalation if the lead is not followed up well
  • Once the lead turns into ‘opportunity,’ automate the generation and emailing of quotations
  • Convert quotations into sales order and raise sales invoices

Each executive has to be diligent in their field as they are assigned targets and their performance are evaluated regularly. A lax in follow-up can turn a potential lead into dead one.

Once the lead is converted into sales, our Sales Force Automation is activated.

Executive Management in TEZ ERP® also helps in defining complete hierarch and assigning specific roles to each executive. With advanced role-based security, you can control what each executive can see or do. Ex. You may not want an executive to see leads, quotations or orders for other branches or quotations given by other executives. You may further restrict them from having any access to financial information of the company.


One of our clients had to evaluate an Executive based on his achievements. With Tez ERP’s integrated CRM Management software, he was able to determine the productivity of each Sales Executives based on values and quantities. Whenever an executive closes a deal, he or she prepares the sales order with the agent’s name (his name) included in the sales orders. With this feature, he was able to evaluate how much business did the executive bring to the company in terms of values and volume. This helped the client in assessing his executive’s performance and award him the benefits, and the incentives as per the business carried.

As the business was small, he used a limited feature of the whole CRM module. Going forward, he use other CRM features to execute marketing strategies and managing sales funnel.

Are you still using Excel sheets, in how much ever advanced form with formulas and pivots? (Yeah, we know it is a great tool too, and we endorse it) But, why have multiple data points when you can accumulate, segregate, delegate in one module? Let us debate over cups of coffee and demos of our CRM module. Call us now.



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