A stitch in time saves nine, and if you do it for your client, it saves attrition

Have you ever got stuck in an elevator or have you ever taken the stairs to your floor because the elevator was not working? Well, this is just an example of mechanical engineering failing for want of regular servicing or maintenance. There could be more than one reasons why the elevator failed:

  • The maintenance company was unable to service the lift when the dates were due.
  • The maintenance contract had expired, and the service was stalled.
  • There was no preventive maintenance done for that month.
  • The building management did not pay the maintenance company in time.

Reasons could be many, but it all resulted in the inconvenience caused to the owners, tenants, and visitors. This could have been avoided if the AMC was managed well by the maintenance company or if they had bought our most popular AMC software well integrated in our business accounting software – TEZ ERP®.

Preventive maintenance is maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failing. It is performed while the machine is still working so that it does not break down unexpectedly. Its purpose is to minimize breakdowns and excessive depreciation. It also give you an opportunity to interact with the customer while the equipment is working to his satisfaction and create the confidence that you will be available when he needs you.

Planning Preventive Maintenance Activities without a helpdesk module system can be a huge challenge for the companies operating in the sectors where the maintenance are to be carried out periodically and where the companies have to cater to large number of customers. Helpdesk also allows organizations to gather data surrounding preventive maintenance activities to report on or optimize those activities and set KPIs to work towards seamless service to the client.

Companies undertake preventive maintenance clause in their contracts for various reasons:

  1. To minimize the number of failures of valuable equipment.
  2. To increase the life span of the equipment or machine.
  3. To reduce the loss of production or stoppage of work from equipment failures.
  4. To promote better safety, health, and environmental conditions for our workforce.
  5. To reduce product rejects, rework, and scrap through better overall equipment condition.

Preventive maintenance applies to many sectors like IT hardware, Automobile, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Air Conditioners, Elevators, pest-control, facility management and the manufacturing sectors in which their heavy-duty machines requires periodic maintenance.

If you are a company dealing with AMCs in any of these sectors or for any sector that calls for regular maintenance of their facilities or equipment then our AMC software is just the right product for you. Our heldesk module ensures that your service standards are maintained at high levels as we automate the repetitive tasks of reminders and Executive Management once the contract is entered in the system with the required data inputs.

Here’s how the module works for you:

  • Products and services are created with warrnaty period and frequency of preventive maintenance.
  • Whenever a sale of contract is signed, the same updated in the system along with product or service details.
  • ERP automatically computes preventive maintenance schedule based on date or sale or contract.
  • Whenever the PM activities are due, the help-desk manager would get an alert.
  • The customer is also sent an SMS or Email alert for PM services to keep them in the loop. By doing this you create customer loyalty towards your company.
  • Tickets for PM can be created directly from these alerts.

The automated communication system build a relation of trust and commitment between the two parties and helps in increased customer retention.

Our AMC software is one of our best Help Desk Management softwares, combined with our Business Automation software that includes accounting and CRM. You get a complete cloud-based business solution package where you can manage pre-sale, orders, accounting, inventory and after-sale service. It eases your processes and gives you a dashboard with real-time insights. We invite you for a demo of our AMC module and preventive maintenance software for a guaranteed automation of a process driven activity. Call us now for a coffee at your place or ours.



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