Being in business without a website is like doing Skydiving without a Parachute.

We are living in the most advanced times of our lives, and if your business is not exploiting the technology in its simplest form like having your website, then you are missing out on growth. A website is now a pressing need for a business, however big or small. If you are into business and don’t have a website, you are probably losing many great opportunities for your business.

Well, while designing our most promising business software, TEZ ERP®, we ensured that your business has all the tools to avoid leaky buckets at any level. Now, automate data capturing and response from the contact form of your web-site and any 3rd party software. We provide API (Application Program Interface) which can be used for sending details of any inquiry to our CRM. When a prospective customer enquires about your product or service, your application can call our API, which creates the lead in your CRM database.

What does that mean to you?

  • Save you data-entry time
  • Avoid duplication, and
  • Ensure that you can track every lead.
  • Send an automatic response to the prospective customer through SMS and Email with details of your product or service.

For a moment think about this scenario - A potential buyer enquires about your product through your website, there is a possibility of a delay from your end, the query is not attended promptly, and the communication gap widens. Think about the customer who enquired about your product – he may not have the time and patience to browse his Inbox and check your specific mail. He could also be stalling to read the email for various reasons best known to him.

So what happens when, a prospect inquires about your product through your Website, Sulekha or JustDial? After switching to our dynamic software TEZ ERP®, the potential buyer will receive automated SMS and E-mail Alerts from the system with your compny profile and details of specific product without your physical intervention. Your work is half done here. As the client will receive the information on the products beforehand, you can then fix the appointment, and the chances of closing the deal are higher.

With API Integration of website and Tez ERP ‘s Helpdesk software, you have another advantage. Your customers can view the list of all the products purchased from your company with the warranty period (if applicable). You make it easy for the customers to manage their products, lodge complaints and track status. Customers can raise the tickets which are integrated with our Ticketing Management Module for the products purchased from your company. The same ticket is then updated in the system and then assigned to the executive. Customers get an automated alert regarding the tickets and the executive assigned to the respective ticket.

What does it mean to your customers?

  • Easily create complaint / trouble tickets
  • Track the status of their ticket,
  • and submit a feedback or rate the services offered by the executive.

Sounds interesting? Your customer feels more in control, and as for you, automation saves you time where follow up is concerned.

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