A satisfied customer is the best word of mouth ambassador for your services

In a service-oriented business, your business grows if your customers are happy and satisfied with your product or services and promote your business to their peers and contact sphere. Furthermore, customer satisfaction is crucial because it provides business owners and marketers with the metric to manage and improve the business. Tracking customer satisfaction, therefore, becomes an essential exercise to retain customer loyalty eventually building your brand equity.

We understand the service business pain points given the vast churn of human resources in businesses like facility management, IT maintenance, Pest-Control or for that matter, even planters who service clients based on AMC. So, if your business model is based on growth in the number of retainer contacts for annual maintenance contracts, then providing timely services as promised is the most important yardstick to get the next 50 deals.

Now imagine if you manage the whole process manually! To err is human and to blame it on others a habit. It sounds so real. Right? What if we tell you to buy our AMC software NOW? Sounds coercion? Well, we understand you and know that our software can help you in many ways. Here’s how it works:

  1. Details of your sale and AMC contract are captured in the system.
  2. As soon as your service request is entered by the customer, agent, manager or your service due date is flagged, our software generates a ticket detailing the service request.
  3. The ticket is then assigned to an Executive who is put in charge of the service and timely completion of the same.
  4. Once the service is complete, an alert is sent to the owner or the customer informing of the completion of service.
  5. At this point, the customer has an option to send feedback to the company.

The feedback, be it positive or negative, helps the management of Company in taking decisions related to the products and services offered and also to measure the performance of the executives based on customer experiences. Using a simplified technology to ensure customer satisfaction is an excellent way of maintaining SOPs in your company and ensuring that any rate of staff attrition does not affect the continuity of your services. It is that simple.

Try out our Helpdesk (AMC) Management Module in TEZ ERP®. With automated alerts at various levels of execution, the system ensures a 100% service guarantee.

While designing our software, we attempted to address every aspect of customer expectation. No wonder our users find that our AMC is customer-focused software and supports your business in more than one way. Here are the top five ways our customized software can help you:

  1. It helps improve the quality of products and services by analyzing the feedback received from customers.
  2. It helps you to measure customer satisfaction and rate your service promise.
  3. It helps to create the best customer experience.
  4. It is a source of information which can help in gaining new customers as and when the reference of good service is testified through word of mouth
  5. It helps in making key-informed business decisions.

To know how an automated software can enhance your service quality through customer feedback, invite us for a coffee at your office or come down to ours for a demo and coffee combo. Call us now to discuss more.



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