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Multiple locations integrated into one accounting software for ease of operations.

TEZ ERP® is an innovative cloud-based accounting software which integrates multiple businesses entities that are geographically dispersed. We call this ease of operations as one software enables them to carry out their accounting and business processes smoothly and efficiently without having to buy multiple copies for multiple locations. Our accounting software helps the business entity to operate from different offices spread across locations, whether in same city, different cities or different countries. Users can view, create, edit, and delete various transactions for specific location(s), with the roles based security feature of TEZ ERP®.

A major benefit of multi-location system is that data is captured at source and you can generate reports and get real-time business analytics, without having to synchronize data or merge different reports.

Having integrated multi-location modules has its advantages such as:
  • Users across all locations can be given role-based access to view or update transactions for all or specific locations.
  • Salespeople across all locations can see availability of stocks in real-time and book sales order from their mobile phones. This feature helps them confirm orders based without having to make multiple calls.
  • Branches can raise indents on Head office and other locations, which can be fulfilled with stock-transfers.
  • If there is centralized purchase department, the procurement/purchase head from the main office can monitors stocks lying at various locations, orders in hand and indents received from each location. He can then plan purchases, place purchase orders and transfer stocks from one location to another, based on requirements.
  • The GST Regime, businesses operating from multiple states are required to have multiple GST numbers. TEZ ERP® facilitates maintaining books of multiple GST numbers in a single database as you can specify GST number of each location and generate GST reports based for each GST No.
Features of Multi-Location Accounting Software:
  1. Provides multiple companies operating under one umbrella.
  2. Provides multiple locations with same or different GST No.
  3. Items and Ledgers created at on location automatically become available at each location, so you can see consolidated figures or independent stocks and balance.
  4. Supports comprehensive reporting to manage accounts payable and receivable including aging analysis, graphs, and charts.
  5. Document management ensures that purchase and expense vouchers at each branch can be accessed by HO without the need of physically sending the document.
  6. Location wise analysis of Sales, Purchases, Expenses and Profits.

TEZ ERP®, our much sought after multi-location accounting software facilitates consolidated view of the data of multiple entities operating under the same name in various locations. It helps in analyzing inventory, receivables, payable, financial status of the companies.

One such instance was that of one of our clients, operating his business in multiple locations, did not have to look into each ledger of the accounts of a particular branch or be physically present at all times. TEZ ERP® was able provide him the consolidated view of his company accounts with a single click. He was quickly able to track day-to-day sales, cash, and stocks in every location and was able to provide an instant solution based on the real-time analysis. He was able to get real-time stock updates around multiple locations on his device. He can now view his business on a consolidated level if he chooses to do so or review the performance at individual branch level in the same software.

Branch meetings involved less paperwork as data from the software could be projected directly on the screen, and time was spent on more productive discussions and actions.

Save Time, Save Paper, Be productive when you have multiple branches contributing to the success of your business. Shift to TEZ ERP® and let us see how it can simplify your operations. Call us for a demo.



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