Customer Management:

Managing Customer Information is critical in building long-term business relationship with the right people.

Customer Management is critical if you have a large customer base, as maintaining their accounts for continuity of business is of topmost priority. ‘Customer’ is a significant element in determining the profitability of your company or enterprise. A great customer eventually is goodwill to the company and ‘goodwill is valued as an asset in your company’s Balance sheet’. Managing your customer lays the foundation of how you run your organization.

The essential elements of Customer Management Strategy are:

Managing Relationships with Clients

  1. Effective Commnication
  2. Analyzing Buying Pattern
  3. Creating Opportunities
  4. Managing Credit Limits
  5. Managing Receivables
Okay, so how can we help you?

Our much-acclaimed business accounting software, TEZ ERP®, helps to classify all your customers by defining groups and assigning every customer to a particular group. Groups can be determined using various parameters like business model, location, and parent company (meaning an organization having multiples entities or company names can be grouped into one), as parameters as per your business requirement. If you are operating in multiple names, you don’t need login or logout of the system, to see transaction of a customer from each entity. You can see total outstanding for a customer or a group of customers, for a single or all entities, with real time reports, graphs and analytics. Trust us on time-saving features we have so carefully thought and integrate to help you in your decision making.

Moreover, you can allow your customers to access information pertaining to their account without having to contact you. TEZ ERP® allows you to create a customer portal which can be linked to your web-site, where your customers can login using their registered mobile number and access their orders, invoices, ledger account, complaints etc., based on your business rules.

Ever wondered why your customer relationship manager contacts you at the most critical times? Well, he has been assigned as a customer relationship manager against your name to carry out the necessary functions to manage your relationship with the bank. In our accounting software, we have ensured that all your customers are taken care of, and you can assign customer relationship managers within your organization against your customer data.

The other features you can define against each of your customers are:

  • Credit limit
  • Credit Period
  • Interest rate for delayed payments
  • GST Number
  • Birthday & Anniversary dates

TEZ ERP® also facilitates details about the customer’s decision dynamic—buying influences, customer issues, and competitive positioning. This helps in his sales forecasting and giving you the foundation to carry out your purchase activities to fulfill the requirements.

Let us give you some more……

Your customer database can store all the information of your customer say, Company Name, Name of the contact person, Designation, Email ID, Mobile No., Address (You can also have multiple shipping addresses), Birthdate, Anniversaries, and other essential trivia. Saving personal information in the software gives you an extra leeway to have a healthy relationship with your clients.

Now you can never skip a birthday, anniversary or festive message to your customers. You can save a draft, and on the important dates, the software automatically sends a notification to you and sms to your client with a happiness message. This helps in maintaining the cordial relationship between you and your clients.

Save all your customer contracts in the customer data file and save yourself the time taken to physically pull those out from the files in your storage. There is no need to look into physical documentation when the need arises. You have to login into your system, and there you go - Find all the crucial documents on your fingertips.



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