Well Begun is Half Done. Well Organized ensures the other half

The key to customer satisfaction begins after the sale is closed. It is little wonder that even the E-commerce business emphasizes on its after-sales service through its exchange or product-return policy or for that matter trials when it comes to apparels. If customer is the king then after-sales services are attendants in tow to ensure that the King is comfortable. Well, we have taken the fabled route to have some fun for now. 😊

On a serious note, customer satisfaction is your ticket to business growth. It helps in customer retention and loyalty towards a brand, for a more extended period until your competitor spoils him silly for some time. But be assured, your loyal customer will come back to you even if he was distracted for a short span.

Here’s how companies ensure that they have more loyal customers (example for a B2B sector):

  • Timely delivery of products.
  • Free AMC in the first year (for products that require service and maintenance)
  • Regular Preventive Maintenance
  • Tracking each complaint for Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Regular communication through SMS/Alerts

Let us take an example. When a particular product from an automobile sector is delivered it comes with a warranty period. It may including free periodic maintenance. This is the time when you can gain the trust of the customers and turn them into brand loyalists, so whenever they are keen to buy your products, there shouldn’t be a second thought.

But you have a big business to look after, and your Executives are engaged in their daily rigmarole of activities and human-error is inevitable. One can skip remembering dates. This was the thing of the past. Not anymore. Enter the phase of business automation.


Have you noticed that in recent times you regularly get reminders for paying your bills in time by the Utility service providers or you get reminders for keeping that EMI ready, that is due within the next week. Well, whether it is banking or any type of service providers, they have adopted automation as one of the most crucial tools of customer service.

The ticketing software allows teams to capture, manage, and track the status of customer issues in an organized and highly collaborative manner.

A support ticket is a process of tracking the updates and details of a problem from the moment it is reported until the issue is resolved.

The Benefits of having an active Ticketing Management System:

  • Single Point of Communication
  • Efficient Monitoring and Tracking
  • Improved Customer Relationships
  • Better Problem Resolution Timing
  • Quality Improvement
  • Strengthens Brand Image and Reputation
  • Delegation of requests based on expertise
  • Enables you to prioritize by urgency and route by skill
  • Saves Time and Resources
  • Professionalism

Let us now tell you how the Ticketing Management System works in TEZ ERP® Helpdesk software. The Tickets are classified in two:

Whenever a ticket is raised by the customer from the AMC software of TEZ ERP®, the tickets are then updated in the system and later on assigned to different executives as decided by the manager who is responsible for the same.

The executive has to do the necessary follow-ups for the same. If the tickets are lying in the unresolved, system escalated them to the next level of management. There are three escalation levels in the TEZ ERP®. A ticket cannot remain unattended or unresolved beyond a specified period. As soon as the executive solves the issues, he closes the ticket with alerts received by the customers as well, so that they can also provide feedback about the services offered by the executive.

With an efficient Ticketing Management software, each level of execution is monitored. Customeer is kept in informed at every level. This adds credibility to after-sales service by your company and creating an increasing pool of satisfied customers.

We take pride in keeping ‘customer satisfaction’ as the nucleus of our software development and every module of our cloud-based accounting software, whether integrated or independent, has maintained customer service as the heart of every process. We are proud of our software. Let us share this pride with you. How about a coffee with demo? Your place or ours? Call us now.



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