If having more leads is your yardstick to success, think again!
Maybe more conversions is a better proposition.

With one customer having multiple choices, businesses with the right product and high quality, who reach the customer first are the ones who are most likely to close the deal but does your company have a structured process in place to win the race?

In today’s competitive business world, maintaining the current position of your company is a daily exercise you cannot miss. Businesses are heavily dependent on their customers as they play a significant role in determining the financial position of the company. There are times when a business has to incur losses due to non-retention of their current customers. It is imperative for any business to retain their existing customers and also keep adding new profiles to the list.

Retention of current customers can be done in-house by providing quick deliverables, after-sales services, value ads, and competitive rates. However, a complete business development plan needs to be incorporated, to enhance the business operations and attract new customers; thus, increasing the financial and liquidity position of the company.

There are many methods to display your business out there by targeting potential customers. It may include:

  1. Business Listings on trade directories such as India mart, Trade India, Sulekha, Just dial and many more
  2. Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  3. E-Commerce Websites (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, to name a few)
  4. E-mailing campaigns

This can be done by employing staff or outsourcing the same to another agency. But the challenging task comes right after this; it becomes difficult to manage the leads generated, in spreadsheets and then work on follow-ups. Sometimes the leads are not entered due to negligence on the part of trained staff or the person outsourced. It becomes highly difficult to track leads in spreadsheets as there are no reminders for the same.

It’s time to switch to our business software like– TEZ ERP®.

With ‘CRM Module of TEZ ERP®,’ manage sales pipeline and track leads efficiently.

There are different ways to start capturing lead information in the sales funnel:

  1. Enter leads manually with minimum details like name, phone number and product/service and add more information at any point.
  2. Excel Integrations by which you can upload leads using excel to get started quickly. This can also be used for uploading bulk-data which you may receive from any source and then communicating with them or updating follow-ups using the CRM.
  3. Lead Integration in CRM helps to automate data capturing from your web-site and popular portals. When any potential customer enquires about your product or services, email alerts are sent by these portals. CRM automatically reads this email and enters the lead in your CRM database. This saves you data-entry time and ensures that you can track every lead. It also sends an automatic response to the prospective customer through SMS and Email with details of your product or service.
  4. API Integration from TEZ ERP® also helps to manage leads efficiently. You can capture data from the contact form of your website or any other 3rd Party software which can be used for sending details of any inquiry to our CRM.

Through automated SMS/email response, information such as website link and product, brochures can be sent to customers within minutes of enquiring. It also saves a lot of time as the prospect is already aware of your company, product, and services when you or your representative calls the customer and helps you have a more meaningful and focused dialog.

You can also have detailed analytics wherein you can monitor the Lead Generation Platforms to have look which platform generates more leads or which platform is inefficient in terms of leads. It also provides a helping hand in decision making and saving costs.

Once a lead is captured, proper follow-up of the lead is important. CRM module integrated with TEZ ERP® has a robust follow-up mechanism with easy to manage dashboard, automatic SMS and Email alerts and automatic escalation if the lead is not followed-up within time.


One of our clients, had a team for direct marketing. He used to get data for potential clients, which was passed on to his tele-callers and sales executives. He used to find it difficult to keep track of responses received from each lead.

When he switched to TEZ ERP®, he uploaded excel sheets with this data as Leads. His team could now follow-up and update status against each entry. Leads which were not interested were marked as dead and interested leads were converted to Opportunity.

The process helped the client track each lead while maintaining focus on opportunities.

If you want to ensure that every lead is properly followed-up, come over for a cup of coffee, and we will show you how this wonderful system can help you grow your business. Call us now.



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