Missing one lead for follow up could cost you your biggest sale ever.

As they say – there’s many a slip between the cup and the lip. From getting a lead to closing a sale, there are processes involved, and undoubtedly each process is time-consuming when done manually. The conversion rate with a manual process can be much lower. Well, we have a solution for you.

While designing our software, our main objective was to automate recurring processes to save time or shall we say to make use of the time more productively. Sales Automation is one such function we thought was most critical to have an organic business growth by ensuring a high rate of conversion from lead to closure.

Sales automation takes all care of all of the time-consuming tasks performed by the sales team on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as well as other functions that are triggered by a specific event. Automating routine tasks increases efficiency and has a direct impact on the revenue generated by the sales team. Add to this the minimizing of human error by sales and marketing automation engines. This surely calls for a business success story.

Now let us tell you how our new-age business accounting software TEZ ERP®, integrates Sales Automation

Improve your efficiency, eliminate manual tasks, streamline recurring activities, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks with sales automation feature of CRM in TEZ ERP®.

Sales Automation helps to find a solution for the below challenges:

  1. Lost a lead due to irregular follow-ups
  2. Spent precious time in entering the leads into the spreadsheets generated from various sources.
  3. Missed a step in your sales funnel structure (for eg. qualifying a lead)
  4. Missed an opportunity due to lack of timely follow-up on a lead. (skimming through excel sheets and handwritten notes is not a daily habit)
  5. Wasted productive times on irrelevant leads than focusing on the relevant ones.

Our internal research results indicated that most businesses faced one of the above situations due to non-integrated CRM Software or the absence of it. TEZ ERP® CRM Software provides sales automation and streamlines your entire sales process from Lead Management to Sales Order Processing.

Key features of Sales Automation are:
  • A real-time view about the inventory position of the company ranging from HO to each and every location. This ensures a quotation can be submitted or sales order procured as soon as the sales are closed.
  • Leads generated from different sources are entirely integrated into CRM
  • As soon as leads are captured at source with Lead Integration, an Executive can be assigned to take that lead forward.
  • Qualifying, converting the lead into opportunity, sending quotations are all automated by the System.
  • What more, our Sales force tracking can track the Executive’s efforts.
  • Quotations can be sent within a few clicks as per the requirements.
  • Reminders and alerts can be set, and timely follow-ups are automated without the Executive having to look back into his diary.
  • If any executive misses a followup, system escalates the follow-up to his/her reporting manager. CRM supports complete hierarch, so pending issues can be escalated upto three levels.

Well, do you want more? We have it. More features, so no questions asked:

  • With GPS Tracking, you can track your field staff. So no more sitting at home and generating false Call logs, without meeting the client.
  • Tracking enables the Executives/Business Heads to have a clear picture of the productivity of their staff thus improving and accelerating the sales process.

Our entire business software is so well integrated that one function facilitates the other. Once the order is entered, right up to its delivery, all tasks are again automated. Read all our features to know more about what our software has to offer.


The relative of one of our employee is into the business of storage systems, who has a team of field sales staff on the field all the time but the business was not growing. Being our employee and knowing our software well, he recommended TEZ ERP® to his relative. Our training team went to the client’s office and trained them on the entire software. Within hours, they were able to start on the CRM module while the rest was being integrated.

Here’s the feedback we got – The software not only simplified the entire bookkeeping and accounting process but also, automated sales process ensuring the sales was monitored closely in the organization. After using the traditional method of lead management, our client was happy to experience a CRM software integrated and streamlined the entire sales process. From Campaign Management (give the link here) to Creating Orders, every aspect was simplified without much effort. Our Client was able to make use of CRM software to increase the sale and have an insight. He was able to make decisions to invest where and in which resource. The analysis provided by the system gave him a detailed view about the expenses and the orders generated from a source thus helping him grow his business efficiently.

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